As previously mentioned, this 3-in-1 whaler is looking for a Knysna mooring. James is willing to share her use with the owner of this mooring. He currently lives in Port Elizabeth and has sent in photos of her trip from Kleinemond to Port Elizabeth. All went off OK. Her previous engine has been scrapped so he’s looking for a replacement.


Hello Cameron

Apologies late reply, just making some changes here and its taking most of my time. some pictures attached, move went well besides the dolly wheels collapsing and she tried her best to dismount (I think she thought she was finally going directly to the water!) 

Blue Bonnet boat

So no engine replacement as yet, worst case scenario is Yanmar or Buch lifeboat engine from the breakers yards in Bangladesh – at least they won’t have long hours on them.

Blue Bonnet

Busy painting and varnishing, will add a cover which can be raised to provide shade, will go past Knysna as I have the racing mast for their whaler, and also take some pics hopefully.

So work in progress (and I swore never again a boat which needs work!) but I think she will appreciate it when finished and I will have fun puttering around wherever we end up. Still looking for a mooring but thinking perhaps a nice trailer is the best option long term.

restoration of Blue Bonnet
Blue Bonnet restoration

Also added a pic of a the taafies bunkering a president class Frigate (can’t definitively identify which of the three) however a 27’ motorised whaler can be seen nestled happily in the starboard davits (port davits held the Admiral’s barge/launch).

president class frigate

Thanks for your interest, call me if you want more detail.




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