Hi Cameron,

Well done for tirelessly working toward spreading the word about wooden boats and my apologies for being unable to bring my little dory along for this year's show.

I thought you might be interested in a few photographs that I took on a recent (July) visit to Stockholm where one of my sons works for a Swedish company. He is a software developer (the Americans call them "software engineers" - sounds a bit fancier!). On a stroll around skeppsholmen Isle, one of the many little islands that make up greater Stockholm I came across a cluster of beautiful wooden boats. Right next to the moorings were a number under construction, piles of timber and all sorts of things that kept me busy for the better part of an hour before I was dragged away by wife and son !

I'm going to forward you several photographs of beautiful Oselvars that I took on that day (

For starters I have attached a few.



wooden boats Sweden
wooden boat restored
Swedish wooden boat